6- The House of Argos

Ever since the death of his father, Alexander IV had technically been king of Macedon. However, that would abruptly end in 309 BCE, when both he and his mother Roxane were assassinated on the orders of Cassander. You might think that this pretty much extinguished any Argead claims, but there are still a few loose ends flapping about. On the podcast today, we recap a bit of the Argead family and the potential claimants from a dynasty point of view to be the heir of Alexander… Sources for this episode are articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica (‘Philip II’ and ‘Argead Dynasty’), Wikipedia (for Philip II and his children) and Livius (for Cleopatra of Macedon), all accessed 07/01/2021. NOTE: The list of children of Philip II can be found in the ‘quick facts’ section of Philip’s Wikipedia page, so I don’t know if it’s exhaustive or not.

A medallion with the likeness of Philip II, who’s descendants are now the last remnants of the royal house of the Argeads. By Unknown artist – Jastrow (2006), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=640435

I should mention for accuracy that Cassander declared himself regent in 317 BCE and is listed on at least one Wikipedia page as having succeeded Polyperchon in that capacity; however, as we’re basically going to start ignoring the story of the regents at this point, I didn’t think it was worth delving into that story just yet. So, I’ve kept referring to Polyperchon as ‘regent’ so you don’t forget who he is as our story progresses.