33- King of the Yavanas

In order to smooth over the transition from Antiochus I to Antiochus II, I’m going to take a moment to discuss a reference in Ashoka’s edicts glorifying the emperor’s spread of Buddhism, which may refer to either of the Seleucid kings given that only a name is present. However, this discussion will also allow us to return to the Indian subcontinent and pick up its history where we left off… Sources for this episode: 1-6) Wikipedia articles for Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Sushima, Ashoka, Devata and Antiochus II (online) [Accessed 20/05/2021]. 7) The Editors, Encyclopaedia Britannica (2014), Bindusara (online) [Accessed 20/05/2021]. 8) The Editors, Encyclopaedia Britannica (2014), Deccan (online) [Accessed 20/05/2021]. 9) The Editors, Encyclopaedia Britannica (2015), Kalinga (online) [Accessed 20/05/2021]. 10) Smith, V. (1920), Asoka, the Buddhist emperor of India (3rd edition, original published 1901), Oxford: The Clarendon Press. Available at: Internet Archive [Accessed 20/05/2021]. 11) Chisholm, H., Encyclopaedia Britannica (1911, Vol. I), Alexander II (king of Epirus).